High value from Technology

Business Process Automation

Microsoft Power Platform is a family of solutions that do not require advanced development skills, designed to spread the culture of innovation in the company and give everyone the opportunity to create tools to obtain concrete value from technology, i.e. capable of simplifying both the implementation and the evolutionary maintenance of solutions.​

Power Apps

  • Quickly create an App that can be used on all devices, including iOS and Android devices.​
  • Customize features with little or no code required.​
  • Implement workflow features.
  • Quickly and securely deploy the App and all subsequent updates.

Power Automate

  • Automate and model business processes across applications and services.​
  • Grant approvals and receive notifications from any fixed or mobile device.​
  • Integrate and use hundreds of free connectors.

Power BI

  • Provide results and data to make quick and informed decisions.​
  • Allow you to visually explore and analyze data.​
  • Create custom dashboards and interactive reports that can be shared on any device.

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